Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yoga -- Hot

"With every breath, move forward"
paraphrasing my yoga instructor
(wishing he would say something that would fit this blog post perfectly )

Hot Yoga.  Who would have thought I would like that?  I don't like sweating, that's the reason I don't like any strenuous exercise, and why I can talk myself out of any good intentions of going to the gym... anyway.....

Hot Yoga.  There is something different about it.  It is warm, and since its cold out its nice to be warm.  And yes I do sweat, alot.  But somehow, this time... its OK.

Its close.  It has class times that fit into my day (without me changing anything).  Its warm.  And I feel pretty good afterwards.  The instructors are nice.  I like 'thanking myself' for coming to class. 

Hot Yoga.  Does not do a thing for my curly hair though :)

The 26 postures of Hatha Yoga

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”
Isak Dinesen


  1. Hi Karen, I have emailed you a bunch of times trying to get the blog hop list to you and they all get bounced. I think your hotmail account now thinks I am spamming you so have blocked me completely. Can you email me with an alternative email address or another wya to get the blog hop list to you? Thanks! Margie

  2. omg...your hair in a hot yoga studio.....hahahahaha!