Saturday, April 23, 2011

Robot #1

Here is a cute Robot Tic Tac Toe card using Best Creation's Robot line, and some glitter paper.

The girls liked the tic tac toe idea and wanted to pull off the little robots so they could play!  So I made them a 12X12 version and stuck a magnetic back onto the sheet and the little robots, so now we can play without wrecking my card lol.


"Robot Number One. Hit the switch and turn me on.
Robot Number One. We're gonna have some fun. "

lyrics from Hi-5 permanently ingrained in my brain from
when the older two were little


  1. Love that board!
    LOL I haven't seen Hi-5 in ages! Do they even come on TV anymore?

  2. Yup, channel 5 at 7am. Aren't you glad you asked lol!