Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ballerina Box | Instructions and Template

A paper ballerina box, how cute is that.  Simple too!

Here is the box closed, the ribbon just ties into a bow ontop

Here it is with the top lid opened to reveal the ballerina.

 Here it is with the middle lid opened to reveal the inside of the box.  Perfect for holding a small gift, treats for a party or just a little girls or boys treasures.

Instructions and Template

To make the box you will need 1 piece of cardstock or heavier patterend paper.  I used Best Creation Ballerina Princeses.

1) Cut a piece 5" by 11"
2) Make fold lines (score) vertically at 3", 4", 7" 8"
3) Make fold lines (score) horizontally at 1" from the top and bottom.

4) Cut out the first side rectangle shapes.  The ones beside the front flap.
5) Make a cut at each of the vertical fold lines just to the 1" fold line. 

Now you are ready to fold it into a box.

Pre-fold all the fold lines first, this will make it much easier to fold into the box shape.
Start with the bottom base and fold the sides up and adhere the flaps to the inside.
Attach two pieces of ribbon to the inside of the box, so that the ribbon can be
used to tie it up at the end.
Then fold the middle lid and tuck the flaps in.  Do not adhere them as this lid will open.

Once the box is assembled, then its time to decorate!
I used paper and embellishments from Best Creation
The cute ballerina is a sticker from that line.

This is a great template for a box, it is fast becoming one of my favourite. 
My dd, with a bit of help, made an easter one with bit of chocolate in it for her teacher.

"A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

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  1. oooh that's too cute! I'll have to try and make one for Sahvia. Thanks for the instructions.