Sunday, February 13, 2011

World to Discover Decor | Best Creation Jubilee Hot Air Balloons

This all started last summer.  Emma really wanted her own room, so we decided that for her birthday we would rearrange the bedrooms, and she could have her own room.  So it all began, the shopping for new bedroom furniture and the search for new decor.  The room was changing from a nursery to a big girl room.   I didn't want to go with her Tinkerbell theme as I thought she would out grow that really quickly.  So while searching for new art work I found the "Ballooning over Paris" art print and knew I had the start to a great theme.

Lauren loved the theme idea so we have a similar theme going on in her bedroom as well.  (I messed up while putting up her words on the wall, so I have to order some new ones)

The two art pieces completely inspired me to create my own canvas of  "Ballooning over Vancouver".  I originally was going to make it 8X10, but then I found this 16X20 canvas in my craft room and thought "why not"   All the paper is from Best Creations Jubillee line. 

The 3D hot air balloons were easy to make.  I hand drew the shape I wanted, and then cut out three identical shapes from the patterned paper.  Folded them each in half, with the design I wanted to see on the inside.  Then glued the flaps of the middle piece one of the flaps on each end.  The outside edge flaps glued flat onto the canvas.

Stay tuned for Tuesday's Best Creation Blog for more creations using the Jubilee line.

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  1. Emma's room looks awesome! What a great theme. I love the all the artwork. The tree with the it a stencil? Beautiful!
    Great layout too, just in time for the 1 year anniversary of the Olympics.