Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Little Word Blog Hop | 2015

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what everyone has been up to and
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This is my second time doing Ali Edward's OLW course.
The first time my word was 'move' in 2011
and I only completed January's prompts and  then pretty much abandoned it all by March.
So this year I'm further ahead already :)

I've decided to keep my OLW in a Websters Pages Planner and
adapt the prompts so they fit in.  
I simply cut a few page protectors (left over from the first course) so they
fit into the planner and just used my old crop-o-dile to punch new holes. 

I copied someone's glitter pocket that I saw as part of the OLW facebook group. Sorry I can't seem to find whose it was now.

February Vision Board.
 I'm happy with the way it turned out :)  
I did it over two journal pages
I added a third title page so that there isn't a blank page between Jan and Feb

things I noticed :

1.  It felt good to be physically creative with paper and glue.  Its been a long while since that has happened for me.

2.  I bought a BHG magazine specifically because the front cover was my favourite colour and it had the word renew on it.  (renew was going to be my word before it changed)
It never ended up on my board.

3.  I noticed I found 3 of my past words and had included them naturally.
So I deliberately added to last 2 to make a complete set.

4.  I bought a Yoga magazine and didn't want to cut it up too much because it reminded me how much I like yoga and maybe I might want to get back into it.

5.  I cut out way more stuff than would fit.  But once I was done, I was done, and all the rest went into recycling without a second thought.

6.  I feel energized and wish there was a second February prompt :)

Blog Hop List

Karen @ smile         
Lindsay @ Funky Lindsay
Anke @ anke-art
Cheryl @ Scrapstorian

Hope everyone embraces their OLW journey
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  1. (I'm not sure if I'm double commenting or not because I thought I hit publish already, but nothing happened....) The glitter pouch is awesome! I love your word and how you totally embraced the February prompt despite not having used paper and glue in a while. I'm in the same boat, so this is helping me realize I can do this old school and not all digitally.

  2. I want a second February prompt too! I want to create Vision Boards for everything! I'm a little addicted to the physical part of this process :0)

  3. I love the idea of adding your vision board to your planner! I'm using a Heidi Swapp planner for OLW and I didn't think of putting my vision board in. I should take a photo of it and include that. I also love how your past words found their way on to this board, what a great reminder!

  4. Great word - one I use all the time but have not embraced the fully meaning of yet (yes sadly pun intended). The idea of your vision board right in your planner is awesome - such a great reminder!