Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Little Word 2015 | February Blog Hop

Hello fellow OLW Blog Hoppers!
I hope you link up your blog at the bottom so we can all visit each other.

Month 2 is complete :)
I completed the Feb prompt very early on in February,
so that meant I had a lot of time to contemplate my word and think
about how it is present in my life this month.
Thanks to Color Cast Designs for my word

What  I realized was that I need a bit of accountability
for some of what I want to embrace.
I've started 3 ways to keep myself on track with my goals.
I'd love to hear any ideas of staying on track and accountability that you have found helpful :)

1.  Embrace Picture Taking :  My goal is to pick up the camera more. 
So I've decided to try a  Photo-a-day, or Project 365.   The Websters Planner has been perfect for this.  It has a memory keeping tab that has a day in the life page.  So on that page I'm listing my photos for that day.  I'm happy to say February is done, and I'm on track. 

2.  Embrace Walking :  To be more accountable or at least keep better track of my walking;  I've signed up at MapMyRun.  Its free and you can map where you've walked and it gives you the distance you've gone.  I particularly love the calendar view so I can easily see how much or how little I've been out.

3.  Embrace Water :  I'm trying to embrace drinking more water.  I found these cute little water glass planner stamp.   I've stamped it into my planner and am trying to check off a few day. I"m hoping in a few months I'll be up to checking off more and more glasses and hopefully see an improvement!


Embrace your own stars 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Open Spring

The signs are here

just waiting
for spring
to unfurl

Saturday, February 14, 2015

January Photo a day | 365

Embrace picking up the camera.
1 photo a day for an entire year.
So far so good.

Some days I've taken lots, others only one.

I've been keeping a list in my Webster's planner of the photo of the day
but the calendar doesn't necessarily reflect that because
well its late and I just wanted the pictures there so they  may or may not be
on the correct day.

But they are all from January.
only 11 more months to go :)

"There's always something beautiful outside"

Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Little Word Blog Hop | 2015

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what everyone has been up to and
please link your blog at the bottom of the post so we can all visit you as well.

This is my second time doing Ali Edward's OLW course.
The first time my word was 'move' in 2011
and I only completed January's prompts and  then pretty much abandoned it all by March.
So this year I'm further ahead already :)

I've decided to keep my OLW in a Websters Pages Planner and
adapt the prompts so they fit in.  
I simply cut a few page protectors (left over from the first course) so they
fit into the planner and just used my old crop-o-dile to punch new holes. 

I copied someone's glitter pocket that I saw as part of the OLW facebook group. Sorry I can't seem to find whose it was now.

February Vision Board.
 I'm happy with the way it turned out :)  
I did it over two journal pages
I added a third title page so that there isn't a blank page between Jan and Feb

things I noticed :

1.  It felt good to be physically creative with paper and glue.  Its been a long while since that has happened for me.

2.  I bought a BHG magazine specifically because the front cover was my favourite colour and it had the word renew on it.  (renew was going to be my word before it changed)
It never ended up on my board.

3.  I noticed I found 3 of my past words and had included them naturally.
So I deliberately added to last 2 to make a complete set.

4.  I bought a Yoga magazine and didn't want to cut it up too much because it reminded me how much I like yoga and maybe I might want to get back into it.

5.  I cut out way more stuff than would fit.  But once I was done, I was done, and all the rest went into recycling without a second thought.

6.  I feel energized and wish there was a second February prompt :)

Blog Hop List

Karen @ smile         
Lindsay @ Funky Lindsay
Anke @ anke-art
Cheryl @ Scrapstorian

Hope everyone embraces their OLW journey
Don't forget to link up your blog :)

Monday, January 26, 2015


Spring weather in January
is confusing the plants

embrace the weather whatever it is

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Runs for Cookies | Virtual 5K

Katie is a blogger that I like to follow.
I am amazed by her dedication and perseverance when it comes to her exercise routines.

I find running hard; mostly because of my breathing.
I bet if I learned to breathe properly when running/jogging
I think I could enjoy it more.

Anyway, I've been reading her blog Runs for Cookies for a few years
and she hosts a virtual 5K for her birthday.

So today Emma and I went up to the park and while
she rode her bike,  I jogged/walked along.
Together we did the 5K :)

Happy Birthday Katie!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Embrace | Morning Walk

I don't like mornings
and now that I'm trying to kick my Starbucks habit
I really don't like mornings.

But a brisk morning walk
some fresh air
and the sky looking lovely
does help a bit.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Quote | One Little Word 2015

First up
is the quote
The last few years I framed my quote
beside my bedside table
I enjoyed waking up and seeing a visual of my word.

This year my word is Embrace
"Whatever the present moment contains
Embrace it
as if you had chosen it yourself "
Echhalt Tolle

This was a quick pic taken with my crappy cracked screen phone :)
I'm not sure I will keep this photo or maybe replace it with
one taken with a real camera.

The plan is to print it off and hole punch it
so it fits into my Websters Pages Planner
that will be my home for One Little Word.

"Walk Slow
Look Above
Embrace Life"

One little word | Webster's Pages Planner

My Websters Planner is here!


Considering I pre-ordered it in Oct
Delivery was supposed to be here in Dec
But It's in my hands now in Jan.

I think I won't use it as a traditional planner, Rather it will be my One Little Word album.

Last time I did the OLW course in 2011 (very unsuccessfully I might add)
One of  things that I found held me back was the size of the album and the layout.
I had a lovely Pink Paisley 8X11 cloth album with all the dividers.
However it didn't suit me.

My one little word journey is personal and I was tossing around the idea
of putting it in a journal this time around.

But enter in the Websters Planner and it all just clicked.
The planner is like a journal/scrapbook binder album
I am excited to embelish, add, alter pages as i work with my word.

I'm ready to start with January's prompts :)