Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Little Word 2015 | February Blog Hop

Hello fellow OLW Blog Hoppers!
I hope you link up your blog at the bottom so we can all visit each other.

Month 2 is complete :)
I completed the Feb prompt very early on in February,
so that meant I had a lot of time to contemplate my word and think
about how it is present in my life this month.
Thanks to Color Cast Designs for my word

What  I realized was that I need a bit of accountability
for some of what I want to embrace.
I've started 3 ways to keep myself on track with my goals.
I'd love to hear any ideas of staying on track and accountability that you have found helpful :)

1.  Embrace Picture Taking :  My goal is to pick up the camera more. 
So I've decided to try a  Photo-a-day, or Project 365.   The Websters Planner has been perfect for this.  It has a memory keeping tab that has a day in the life page.  So on that page I'm listing my photos for that day.  I'm happy to say February is done, and I'm on track. 

2.  Embrace Walking :  To be more accountable or at least keep better track of my walking;  I've signed up at MapMyRun.  Its free and you can map where you've walked and it gives you the distance you've gone.  I particularly love the calendar view so I can easily see how much or how little I've been out.

3.  Embrace Water :  I'm trying to embrace drinking more water.  I found these cute little water glass planner stamp.   I've stamped it into my planner and am trying to check off a few day. I"m hoping in a few months I'll be up to checking off more and more glasses and hopefully see an improvement!


Embrace your own stars 

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  1. Those sound like great goals to start with. I've always been told that simple habits you can see yourself maintaining are the best way to start. I love the idea of stamping the water glasses in your planner!