Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just March On


In Like a Lion

Its officially Spring and time for new starts or restarts as it may.  Time to re energize.
I haven't been scrapping much (or at all) but I have made progress on organizing my scrap space which has been a big project.  I've also repainted a cabinet and changed the hardware (i'll take some daylight pics soon)   Next on my list is to repaint and deal with the mess of our mantle.  But in the meantime I have been reading.

Silk by Alessandro Baricco  The best thing about this book is its writing. The writing is so calm and steady and repetitive, like a clock ticking or steady footsteps moving forward. It is an interesting enough story but I found the way it was written to be very captivating.

It is a thin book and I finished it quickly so next I picked up Karma by Cathy Ostlere which is the almost complete opposite when it comes to writing styles and calmness and steadfastness. This book is written in first person prose and is everything on the emotional scale that Silk was not. The story was riviting and I stayed up way tooo late to finish it...there was no way I could sleep without knowing how the main character fared.

Both books spoke universally of love and of journeys yet in such different ways. Reading them both on the same night was such a contrasting experience. I would recommend them both but give Karma 5 stars :)

We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver is a book that one won't easily forget.
Its a story told through a series of letters written by a mother about her son who we learn
has murdered kids at his school.   Sometimes it is so easy to look back and place blame,
but as  events are unfolding things aren't so clear.  This was another very good read :)

Which brings me to this book.  Bringing up Bebe.  Not such a great read, in fact I don't think I would even recommend anyone else read it either :)  It is book of generalizations of Americans and generalizations of French parenting.  And the writing is a bit flaky in lots of places not to mention that the same things are repeated over and over throughout the book. 
The only thing I found interesting was the idea to "take notice" of things.  In the book the author claims that French women "take notice" of what they are eating.  I liked that phrase and that sentiment. 

Next up is A Thousand Farewells by Nahlah Ayed : 
 I haven't read this one yet,
but its on the way courtesy of Goodreads "First Reads" Program.     


Out like a lamb

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