Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cake Pops Take Two | Minnie Mouse

So this time around we tried making silhouette minnie mouse cake pops. 
You would think they would be easier than the Hello Kitty ones, but that was not the case. 
I don't think the summer heat helped matters at all :)

Gliche #1 : Overmelted/cooked the first batch of white chocolate and when we added the black dye it just turned into a big mess.  So we dumped the dying white chocolate to black idea and just went with melted chocolate.

Gliche #2 : We stuck on the ears first and then dipped them into the chocolate.  Well that did not work so well... the chocolate was not smooth around the ears, and since the cake pops had been out for a while they weren't strong enough to hold the weight and started to fall off.  So we pulled off all the ears, dipped the pops into the chocolate and then added the ears and the bows.   

Obvious Fact :  Having the kids help is  more fun but also more work.  The second batch I did myself for the most part and wow! everything went a bit smoother and faster :)

Emma was the one who really wanted to make these; and guess what? She doesn't really like cake or chocolate for that matter!  So while she loved making them, she is not going to eat it.  So who is going to end up eating them all??? 

"But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?"

— Marie Antoinette


  1. Wow! I bow down to you. Great job, they look so cute, and YUMMY!

  2. Those are AWESOME!!! My one attempt at cake pops was a super flop.