Thursday, June 2, 2011

More thoughts

OK so I'm still thinking about Amy Chua's book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

One comparison kind of sticks in my mind.  She has two daughters, one plays piano and the other plays the violin.  I have two daughters playing instruments.  One plays piano and the other plays the violin.  

The parts where she describes how much harder the violin is compared to learning the piano really connected with me.  I have never played the violin so trying to help Lauren practice is impossible, so at the recommendation of her teacher  I also sit through the violin lessons
I have noticed the more I participate in their practicing, the better they do.  Quite simple actually.

Practice doesn't make perfect. It just makes you better.
— Tawa Suleman

(note to kids: I'm inspired to help you practice more often :) )

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  1. Thank you Karen, and thank you Random Org :)

    Deb xox

  2. I went to Chapters to get that book out. Their computer said there were two copies in the store, but the lady said they haven't been able to find them for a week.
    Will try again.
    Good for you for sitting through the lessons. :)

  3. Karen, thank you so very much for the fabby package of Best Creations Robots that arrived yesterday. I love, love, love the pp's and cant wait to get started on a project using them.