Friday, June 10, 2011

3D Paper Carousel Project

Ok first off, carousel is a hard word to spell, so be warned that it will probably be spelled differently every time to type it in this post!

This is a cute fun project using Best Creations Loops and Scoops line.  Its a 3D Paper Carousel.

Supplies : Best creation Glitter Cardstock, Loops and Scoops pp,
Helmar Adhesive, Spellbinders Dies.

Supplies :  Using Spellbinders Circle Dies, cut four circles and then cut out a smaller inner circle on just 2 of the circles. 
2 2"X12" strips of paper
8" X12" piece of paper to roll for the middle
Carousel pp to cut out for the horses

Score the 2X12" picces of paper at about .25 on both sides, then cut out notches.  This is so that you can shape it into a circle for the base and the top of the carousel.
Add some adhesive to the solid circle and then wrap the notched paper around.
Adhere the circle with the hole in it on top.

Do the same for the top.

To make the middle section, simple roll the 8X12" paper into a roll and using the circle with the inner hole
as a guide, make the roll fit snugly then adhere the edges.

Once the bottom and top bases are made, its time to decorate and add the horses.

My original one I used Glitter Cardstock not white paper, however I forgot to take pics along the way :)
Its easier if you use some patterened paper to begin with.

There is something magical about a traditional carousel ride. 
It is not wild or thrilling or scary, just simply fun. 
The intricate details on most horses and canopies, the music,
the horses going up and down. 
Simple enjoyment!


  1. Wow Karen, this is absolutely sensational. How creative!!

    Deb xox

  2. That is an amazing piece! Beautiful!

  3. I love this! May just have to make my own :)

  4. Where can I get the horse pictures frpm please