Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've decided that I like seasons.  I like living in a place where we have distinct seasons, they all may be a bit rainy but at least they are different.   I like the change, I enjoy the season we are in (what ever it is) since I know a change will come soon.   

We just spent some time in beautiful Hawaii.(more pics to come soon :))  We enjoyed the sunshine, warmth and the beach.  But I found it a bit odd listening to Christmas Carols while sitting by the pool.  Singing about a "White Christmas" while applying sunscreen.  Seeing Christmas trees all decorated next to palm trees threw me off.  I guess its normal if you live somewhere warm and tropical all year round, but for me it was all a bit odd.  It was a great holiday, but it made me realize that I'm content to enjoy our Canadian climate and all our seasons.  Rain and all :)

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