Monday, November 8, 2010

Stackable Christmas Tree Placecards

This was a fun and easy Christmas project.

Each placecard needs 4 semi circles.  The ones I made measured in diameter; 8cm, 12cm,16cm and 20cm.

I traced a bunch of the semi circles onto different patterned paper and cut them out. 
 To make the cone shape just adhere the straight edges together. 
To make a fancier one, cut a scallop pattern along the rounded edge.

Then its time to mix and match!  Stack up one of each size cone.
 I handcut out a star out of some Best Creation Glitter Paper to add to the top. 
The names were added with a Sharpie.

supplies : Best Creation Patterened Paper

The kids have been having fun rearranging them and making their own.  They liked making the trees lean this way or that way, they said it gave the trees some personality!
  I'm sure it will add to the festive spirit during Christmas dinner :)

What is a post about Christmas without some Christmas music--
this is my favourite carol
"Carol of the Bells"
I love all the different versions of it. I chose a violin version and a piano version,
I'm hoping I can get the kids to learn so they can play for me.
(although it may just be easier to play the videos when I feel like it lol)

Edit : Check a bunch more placecard ideas here


  1. I love those trees! SO going to try that, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. these are cute!
    I'm linking back to your post on 'deze is ook leuk' in tomorrows post :)