Thursday, August 19, 2010

Princess Crown Purse

Since our little princess' birthdays are coming soon, we've been playing around with some crafty ideas and came up with a princess crown purse.  The finished size is about 6" wide by about 4" tall (not including the handle)

Once we went through a couple of proto-types, we figured out what worked best. 
This is the template that worked for us. 
Start with a piece of 12X12 cardstock or heavy patterned paper.

Step 1 :  Draw your template (or copy this one :)) Cut on the solid lines and then fold on the dotted lines.  The top 1" strip will be the handle.

Step 2 :  Fold the sides of the purse in and adhere to the front and back panels.  It helps to put them on an angle so that you can not see them when the purse is complete.  In the picture you can see that they are attached behind the first spoke of the crown. 

Step 3 :  Attach the handle to the sides of the purse.

Step 4 :  Decorate and embellish as you wish!

supplies : Best Creation pp, prima

Hope your little princess enjoys her purse!

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