Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mystery Solved

I bought this cute wallet from a little store in Metrotown last Christmas.  I just love it!  A while later I went back and bought a very springy purse.  Its lime green with some red tulips.  Again I just love it!

So the other night I was pretty proud of myself for getting all my reports done; I decided to treat myself by doing some online window shopping.  I pulled out my wallet to find the company name and found it embossed on the inside.

Off to google I go!  Well after some very unsuccessful attempts I couldn't find anything about this company at all.  So I tried a few variations and eventually found a blog entry from a girl in California who was in the exact same situation as me.  She ended up phoning the store she bought it from, and was told to turn the image 180 degrees.

and Voila!  The company name is espe not adsa.   Crazy eh?
Bonus that they are a Canadian company too!  Check them out here, they have such bright and fresh designs.

Mystery solved :)

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