Monday, February 15, 2010


I wonder what is so captivating inside that bucket?

Another afternoon of enjoying the fresh February air. 


  1. Oh Karen! I LOVE that photo! The color of her purple jacket pops out so nicely against the grey background. The composition is great! I totally favour the subject off to the side look.
    I also wonder how it would look if you tried to clone out the bottem part of the pic so it matched the rest of the wall. It looks fine as it is, and i know the background is just your cement wall, but the texture looks so good that it could make Sara pop even more if your eye wasn't distracted by the horizontal line the bottom creates.
    Email it to me if you have a min and I'll try to do it. Just out of curiosity, because otherwise the photo is FAB!

  2. Thanks, I'd love if you would have a go at it! I'll send it when she goes down for a nap.