Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Story of the Night Light

I love this night light.  It was given to us as a gift from Amar many years ago actually.  I loved how whimsical it looked, with such pretty colours and bead work.  I remember plugging it in for the girls in their room, however it never really worked out as being anything but just pretty decoration. 

Fastforward a few years, and we now use it every night ( at nap time too , even though it is high  noon when she naps lol).  Thank you Amar, each time I turn it on, I smile.

Here she was lying down to sleep, when I pulled out the camera, she popped her head up and said
"picture? light pretty."

sweet dreams


  1. Awwwwh, your welcome! What a nice post. I remember that nightlight. OMG I think at the time I had bought two (in hopes that one day I would have a girl and I would put it in her room).It must still be at my parents house in a storage box. :)
    Uhmm...not to take away from your lovley story...but is there a reason you plug it in sideways? :)

  2. OK I had to get up and go check...its because the outlets are sideways and that is the way it fits.

    Makes me wonder what else you have stored away in hopes of using one day! lol!